Guettler's Garden

GuetHot Sauce 

raw / vegan /organic

​​​​​John Guettler loves peppers, and from this red-hot passion for peppers grew the Guettler Family’s mouth-watering sauce, “GüetHot Sauce.”  After John experimented with many different kinds of peppers and ingredients, as well as growing his own pepper varieties and interacting with local, organic, produce farmers from all over Southern California, he was then able to create an delicious hot sauce recipe unlike any other hot sauce on the market today. 

GüetHot Sauce is made in small batches with all local, organic & raw ingredients.  Some of our ingredients are secret, but we hope this detail will give you a general idea of our ingredients without us giving away the family’s secret spices.  If you have specific questions for allergen information or concerns, please feel free to contact us.  We are happy to assist you.

GüetHot Sauce is not just a hot sauce. GüetHot Sauce can easily replace your table salt and pepper adding an extra special kick.  GüetHot Sauce goes well with any meal.  We recommend keeping GüetHot Sauce raw, but you are more than welcome to cook with it (heating will remove the raw quality).  GüetHot Sauce has an excellent shelf life of one year if refrigerated after opening, although refrigeration is not required.  We recommend shaking prior to every use, and remember, separation is natural.

Guettler's Garden Jam is another Guettler's Garden product made in small batches with organic coconut sugar and fruit from the Guettler Garden (lemons, pomegranate, tangelos, and more)!

For more information & to place an order, please contact The Guettler Family.
John Guettler #818-288-8620  or Rachel Staples Guettler #310-721-0095